April Issue #58

Art Market Magazine

Dafna Navarro, CEO&Founder. Art Market Magazine.


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April Issue #58

Art Market Magazine

Dafna Navarro, CEO&Founder. Art Market Magazine.

In this issue

In this month's beautiful issue, we have the pleasure to feature an exclusive interview with JÖRGEN GOLZ, Chief Director of one of the largest Art Fairs in Germany- The Discovery Art Fair. This most exciting interview was done by Art Market's journalist Ida Salamon.

DARIC GILL is exhibiting his latest creation, "THE LIVING MACHINES,"

a series of interactive robotic installations that mimic the emotional nuances of living organisms through light, motion, &/or sound.

LEILA ANTAKLY, Art Market's new journalist, starts her new blog series of articles "GETTING TO KNOW" with a short interview with the outstanding artist - MAREO RODRIGUEZ, exhibiting his magnificent large scale installations.

You will also find an article about CHI- YU LIN, featuring his unique series "COPPING AND WEAVING." VIAN BORCHERT is exhibiting the series "ALBEIT ABSTRACT IN NATURE," BADRIA SHAMSI features her unique and gentle series "THE BEAUTY OF ART IN ITS ESSENTIAL AND SIMPLEST FORMS." We also had the pleasure to feature the work of KEITH JOSIAH, who, by this article, "REVEALING" himself as an artist.

And above all, The Israeli Art Market gallery exhibits the latest "Favorite Collection" from the Passover Exhibition, All of this, along with outstanding artists from around the globe.


Featured Artists and Fine Art Photographers:

Daric Gill, Mareo Rodriguez, Chi- Yu Lin, Vian Borchert, Badria Shamsi, Keith Josiah, Katerina Belkina, Carole Feuerman, Stone Chun Shi, Daphne Horev, Gala Semenova, Darcy Gerbarg, Rebecca Gabriel, Kathryn Jacobi, Uzi Varon, Amos Bonibay, Igor Eugen Prokop, Helena Barbagelata, Bianca Turner, Judit Nagy L., Andrey Wagner, Phil Mckay, Arik Baltinester, Dotan Maor, Maddi Ring, Alexandre Pierre Albert, Tamar Dan, Trishna Patnaik, Natia Malazonia, Svetlana Nelson, Shmuel (Sam) Meishar, Reznikov Yosef, Orna L.brock, Noa Reichenberg, Miri Baruch, Mel Brown, Emerich Meerson, Cosmin Brendea, Lea Dolinsky, Danijela Jovic, Ildikó Mecséri, Anat Perl, Angela Rose, Lika Ramati.

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