December 2019. Issue #63 - STEVE SCHAPIRO

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December 2019. Issue #63 - STEVE SCHAPIRO

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In this month's issue, we had the privilege to feature an Intimate, exclusive interview with one of the most influential photojournalists of all time, Legendary photojournalist, STEVE SCHAPIRO.

Schapiro, a real activist, covered many stories related to the civil rights movement, including the March on Washington for jobs and freedom, the push for voter registration, and the Selma to Montgomery march.

When LIFE Magazine called him to hurry to Memphis after Martin Luther King has been shot, Schapiro produced some of the most iconic images of that tragic event. He has captured the images of many politicians and celebrities, notably, Dr. Martin Luther King, Robert F. Kennedy, Muhammad Ali, David Bowie, and Barbra Streisand (Featured in this issue). It is truly a great pleasure to publish an exclusive interview with one of the most influential photographers of all time.

More you will find, extraordinary photographers including BILJANA JURUKOVSKI exhibits her unique International awarded series "Tribal Muses.", HIERONYMUS GRABSTEIN presents his special series "MONUMENTUM" dedicated to the artistic environment of active artists, FARES MICUE displays her most impressive, colorful set, "An ultimate message of Positivism." ALI SHOKRI exhibits his "Passion Of Trees." MOHAMMAD DADSETAN, a digital art export, features two unique, exceptional art series: Arch Collage & I Except I, and SANJOY SENGUPTA feature his excellent series - THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL -.


We want to welcome our new contributor JOSE JEULAND, the ambassador for The North Face, a FUJIFILM X-Photographer and supported by EPSON, Manfrotto, BenQ, and Gravity Backdrops, to Lens Magazines' team of journalists. In this issue, he presents his latest series, "Pushkar Camel Fair."

We hope you will enjoy this beautiful issue, and we wish all of our readers a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

On the cover: Barbra Streisand

"Barbra Turban." Los Angeles. 1974

Steve Schapiro © All Rights Reserved.

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Participating Photographers: (Articles & Interviews)

Steve Schapiro | Biljana Jurukovski | Hieronymus Grabstein

Fares Micue | Jose Jeuland | Ali Shokri | Mohammad Dadsetan |

Sanjoy Sengupta |

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José Jeuland; Steve Schapiro; Biljana Jurukovski; Hieronymus Grabstein; Fares Micue; Ali Shokri; Mohammad Dadsetan; Sanjoy Sengupta
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