June 2020. Issue #69 • Dedicated to - HUMAN RIGHTS

Lens Magazine

Dafna Navarro, CEO&Founder. Art Market Magazine.


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June 2020. Issue #69 • Dedicated to - HUMAN RIGHTS

Lens Magazine

Dafna Navarro, CEO&Founder. Art Market Magazine.

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"This issue is devoted to all the unfortunate souls who the fundamental human rights were taken from. May we all accept one another as we are, see the beauty of human diversity and feel and respect the energy of aliveness. All Lives Matter."
- Dafna Navarro, CEO & Editor in Chief, Lens Magazine.

We are extremely honored to publish the June Issue #69, dedicated to Human Rights, featuring outstanding photographers from all over the globe! In this magnificent and essential issue, you will find an exclusive interview with war zones' photographer, Samuel Corum, covering George Floyd's protest in Washington, D.C.

You will also find coverage of a refugee camp in Afghanistan by Sayed Habib Bidel. A unique article by José Jeuland about The Heart and Soul of the Kalbelia Gypsies, a critical photo essay by Muhammad Farhan Bin Osman , represents the reality of Rohingya women and girls in the refugee camps, Myanmar.

Orna Naor, an Israeli photojournalist, exhibits the hard reality under a corrupted government. Babay Mhamad, a Palestinian photojournalist, features exclusive coverage of the latest major dramatic protests in Jaffa.


More you will find extraordinary professional photographers exhibiting their latest projects. Participating photographers:

(Articles and Interviews)

Samuel Corum | Donna Bassin | José Jeuland | Babay Mhamad | Ingeborg Everaerd | Muhammad Farhan Bin Osman | Ada Trillo | Orna Naor | Jamie Mc Kinley | Sayed Habib Bidel | Tyler Bensinger

On the cover: George Floyds' protest in Washington. Samuel Corum © All rights reserved.

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ORNA NAOR; José Jeuland; SAYED HABIB BIDEL; Samuel Corum; Donna Bassin; Babay Mhamad; Ingeborg Everaerd; Muhammad Farhan Bin Osman; Ada Trillo; Jamie Mc Kinley; Tyler Bensinger
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