ISBN: 9788498956757

The true story of Joan Miró and his Constellations

The true story of Joan Miró and his Constellations

Miguel Orozco

Miró, Joan

The true story of Joan Miró and his Constellations is an abridged English language version of the book La Odisea de4 Miró y sus Constelaciones: El pintor y sus marchantes (WorldCat No. 967285228, ISBN 9788498956757), published in 2016 by Visor, Madrid. The author’s purpose in rewriting in English his text is to facilitate access to non Spanish-speaking readers. He apologizes, however for the language errors it may contain. The book provides, for the first time, new and surprising evidence on how the official painter's biography has very little to do with real historical facts, as it has hidden key events in Miró’s life, like his fleeing Republican Catalonia in 1936 after the revolutionary militias murdered his brother in law and threatened to kill him too. The famous works Aidez l’Espagne and The Reaper were actually the price he paid to the republican authorities for his freedom and that of his wife and daughter. As soon as General Franco won the war, Miró returned to Spain, where he lived quietly, helped young artists and cooperated with the dictatorship’s museologist establishment (as well as with MoMA and the U.S. authorities) in promoting them. In view of the historical facts, the book calls for a re-assessment of, i.a., the peintures sauvages of 1934-1940. It provides also a detailed description of how the Constellations series got into the U.S.; how it was underestimated by his art dealer Pierre Matisse, by the MoMA and main collectors; and reveals the true names and stories of the great American women that patronized the series and made them one of the most famous works of art of the XXth century.

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English, Spanish
Visor, Madrid
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