ALPHONSE MUCHA. MASTER OF ART NOUVEAU. Selections from the Dhawan Collection

ALPHONSE MUCHA. MASTER OF ART NOUVEAU. Selections from the Dhawan Collection

Gabriel Weisberg; Raj K. Dhawan

Mucha, Alphonse Marie

“In 1900, when the widely distributed French

periodical Art et Décoration published a long and

exhaustive article o n the work of Alphonse

Mucha (1860–1939), the Czechoslovakian artist

was at the pinnacle of his creative powers.

Varied, expressive, and seductive, his works were

given the name “the Mucha style”; later the

style was identified as “Art Nouveau,” writes

Curator Gabriel Weisberg, Professor of Art

History, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, in

his essay for the exhibition.

Mucha’s successes in many fields of creativity

are revealed in the exhibition, Alphonse Mucha:

Master of Art Nouveau, dedicated to the broad

range of his work. Organized in three sections–

posters, book and journal illustrations, and The

Slav Epic–the exhibition focuses on the ways

Mucha revitalized an interest in these media.

It provides an opportunity to see how the

different media, clients and objectives reflect the

time period in which Mucha lived and worked.

“Mucha’s ability to understand the major creative

themes of the day, to use them in the most

original ways possible, and to create works of

art that remain seductive for future generations,

is truly his great triumph,” writes Weisberg. With

objects drawn from the extensive Dhawan

Collection, and with the publication of this

catalogue, the exhibition provides a new, original

way of seeing one of the most prolific creators

of fin-de-si.cle imagery.

The exhibition and museum tour were organized

by Landau Traveling Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA.

Over the past fifty years LTE has presented more

than 800 exhibitions at museums throughout the

United States and around the world.

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