July Issue #70 - Dedicated to - WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS

Lens Magazine


July Issue #70 - Dedicated to - WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS

Lens Magazine


It's a pleasure to publish this month's issue, a celebration of 70 publications by Lens Magazine since it first established in October 2014. This issue is devoted to women photographers with their lovely and empowering energy. In this publication, you will find special series, including a unique series about a beauty contest at the Gerewol festival in the Sahel desert in Chad by the fabulous France Leclerc. An Exclusive Interview With ALICE S.KANDELL, By Catalin CROITORU, about the lost Sikkim's Kingdom.

MIRANDA SCHMITZ Exhibits her touching series 'BLACK WAVES' about a 19-year-old young woman, Eva, who committed suicide.

SAMA ALSHAIBI exhibits a re-empowering series about the problematic state of Iraqi women.

More you will find extraordinary professional photographers exhibiting their latest outstanding projects.


Participating photographers: (Articles and Interviews)

France Leclerc | Alice S. Kandell | Jan Ekin | Eva Lewarne | Miranda Schmitz | Monique Van Laake | Sama Alshaibi | Erika Tal-Shir | Iris Debelder | Brooke Shaden |


On the cover: Iris Debelder © All rights reserved.

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EVA LEWARNE; France Leclerc; Alice S. Kandell; Jan Ekin; Miranda Schmitz; Monique Van Laake; Sama Alshaibi; Erika Tal-Shir; Iris Debelder; Brooke Shaden
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