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A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings: Volume 4: Self-Portraits.

A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings: Volume 4: Self-Portraits.

Wetering, Ernst van de; Groen, Karin; Klein, Peter; Veen, Jaap van der; Winkel, Marieke de

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

Volume IV of A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings deals uniquely with the self-portraits of Rembrandt. In a clearly written explanatory style the head of the Rembrandt Research Project and Editor of this Volume, Ernst van de Wetering, discusses the full body of work of paintings and etchings portraying Rembrandt. He sets the different parameters for accepting or rejecting a Rembrandt self-portrait as such, whilst also discussing the exact working environment of Rembrandt and his apprentices. This workshop setting created a surroundings where apprentices could be involved in working on Rembrandt paintings making it more difficult to determine the hand of the master. Van de Wetering, who is one of the Rembrandt experts of our day and age, goes down to great detail to explain how the different self-portraits are made and what techniques Rembrandt uses, also giving an overview of which paintings are to be attributed to the Dutch Master and which not.

In the additional catalogue the self-portraits are examined in detail. In clear and accessible explanatory text the different paintings are discussed, larded with immaculate images of each painting. Details are shown where possible, as well as the results of modern day technical imaging like X-radiography.

This work of art history and art research should be part of every serious art historical institute, university or museum. Nowhere in the art history have all Rembrandt’s self portraits been discussed in such detailed and comparative manner by an authority such as Ernst van de Wetering. This is a standard work for decades to come.

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Public Note

Unlike the first 3 volumes, which were chronological, Volume 4 is devoted to Rembrandt's self-portraits from all periods. The remaining volumes of the Corpus were undertaken under the direction of Ernst van de Wetering. The present volume catalogues Rembrandt's 29 painted self-portraits and numerous etched self-portraits. Volume 4 does not follow the (A-B-C) classification system of the first three volumes. It also includes corrigenda and addenda for vols. 1-3 (both self-portraits and paintings of other subjects). Texts include an essay on the problems of authenticity in Rembrandt's self-portraits, a discussion of dress and costume in the self-portraits, and biographical information for the period 1642-1669. There are tables of dendochronological data, information on paint layers, and grounds used in Rembrandt's workshop and those of his contemporaries. A digital version of this volume is available (see "Full Text" link at right). To download or view files, see instructions and "Terms of Use".

v. 4: Self-Portraits Individual entries provide provenance, documents and sources, comments, and copies and prints after the original. The authors also provide technical information regarding x-rays, radiographs, grounds, and signatures.

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