Picasso: 70 years of book illustration Catalogue raisonné

Picasso: 70 years of book illustration Catalogue raisonné

Miguel Orozco

Picasso, Pablo

Picasso: 70 years of book illustration  is a new compendium of all the books illustrated by the painter. It does not aim to replace the prestigious 1983 Cramer catalogue raisonné Pablo Picasso The Illustrated Books. The purpose is rather to complement it by catering for needs that were not in the mind of Patrick Cramer. In this connection, Orozco’s catalog contains 265 entries, versus the 156 of the 1983 compilation, the main characteristic of the 109 added books being that the illustrations they contain are not registered in Georges Bloch’s Pablo Picasso. Catalogue of the printed graphic work, the requirement for a book to make its way to the Cramer. Orozco includes for instance books illustrated with pochoirs after Picasso, both because they constitute an important part of the artist’s graphic production and in view of the fact that Picasso gave the bon à tirer for many or most of the hundreds of pochoirs realized after his works. This was particularly the case with the prints made in the Paris workshop of Daniel Jacomet, his preferred pochoir printer from 1920 (Le Tricorne) to 1972 (Carnet de Paris). Other criteria used by Orozco in deciding what to include are that Picasso knew about the book and approved the inclusion of his illustrations or selected them or that Picasso participated in the production, gave the bon à tirer or designed the cover or interior. By including all these new books, the author hopes to bring a wider perspective on Picasso’s book illustration work.

Another purpose of the present book is to provide color visual information on how the books look like, including the covers and slip cases and boxes that house them; the page layout; the interaction between text and prints; and of illustrations other than original prints. It should be recalled that the Cramer catalog only includes photos –mostly black & white–of the original graphics the book contains, neglecting the rest.

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