The Complete Prints of Georges Braque. Catalogue raisonné

The Complete Prints of Georges Braque. Catalogue raisonné

Miguel Orozco

Braque, Georges

The complete prints of Georges Braque is the only comprehensive catalogue raisonné of the graphic works of the painter. Appearing 36 years after the well known work of Dora Vallier (Braque: The Complete Graphics and Braque: L’oeuvre gravé, both of 1982), this book of over 560 pages provides innumerable improvements over that classic. If the Vallier contained 192 entries covering over 300 prints, this new catalogue has 1014 prints, including dozens of new states ignored by or unknown to Vallier and other experts. It adds categories ignored by previous reviews, like pochoirs and lithographs of interpretation, the later including the best Braque lithographs ever. And it includes color photographs of all but a few of the prints described. 

What Orozco did with his Picasso Lithographer and Activist was to comment and explain the lithographic work of the Málaga painter, which had been properly catalogued by Bernd Rau in 1988 and Felix Reuße in 2000, improving Fernand Mourlot’s catalog and bringing the number of lithographs and states from 407 to 777 (Rau) and 861 (Reuße). In the case of Braque, however, Orozco is doing what Rau and Reuße did with Picasso, i.e., to build a complete repertory of all Braque prints, including those already known and those he has unearthed in world galleries and auction sales in his 25 years experience as a collector and amateur.

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Published in on 25 September 2018