ISBN: 9782954457697

Bagu: Matter and Spirit in Rainforest Country. L'esprit de la forêt tropicale. Queensland, Australia / Australie

Bagu: Matter and Spirit in Rainforest Country. L'esprit de la forêt tropicale. Queensland, Australia / Australie


Girringun Aboriginal Art; John Murray; Doris Kinjun; Ethel Murray; Alison Murray; Eileen Tep; Daniel Beeron; Ninney Murray; Elizabeth Nolan


S.A.S. le Prince Albert II de Monaco

During my travels I have discovered Aboriginal and Oceanic art; genuine sacred pathways through myths and dreams and the harsh reality of humanity’s tenuous link with nature. The Oceanographic Museum wanted to celebrate this imaginative and colourful art with an exhibition entitled ‘Taba Naba’, the title of a traditional Torres Strait Islander children’s song recounting the relationship between a child and the sea. The Museum is thus inviting us on a voyage of discovery. I am pleased to be able to lend several works from my private collection to highlight my admiration for these artists who have been able to express, in such a unique way, the urgent need to protect the environment and the oceans. The Oceanographic Museum was created by my greatgrandfather, Prince Albert I, as a temple dedicated to the sea and a meeting point for Science and Art, the ‘two driving forces of civilisation’. Contemporary art is a great vehicle for drawing attention to the dangers that threaten us. The artworks are true advocates for the preservation of marine ecosystems and are particularly powerful when viewed in the rooms of the Oceanographic Museum; creating a living dialogue across our collections. Using a wide variety of media (painting, sculpture, photography, video, masks, headdresses, etc.) and materials (wood, metal, plastic, fishing nets, etc.), these works alert us to the importance of nature; the risks of climate change and the devastation we inflict on our environment through overfishing, pollution and plastic waste. They are an invitation to change our habits. This exhibition has created real momentum with important support from the Australian Government and the Queensland Government, major Australian galleries and major museums such as the Aboriginal Art Museum Utrecht and the Musée des Confluences in Lyon. I hope that this event is welcomed with great enthusiasm by the public, both in its encounter with the artworks as well as with the many related events and workshops the Oceanographic Museum will be running. It is by preserving endangered oceans that we will be able to usher in a new era of sustainable development, shared by all peoples. I want to offer my sincere thanks to the organisers for having devised and produced this unique and majestic exhibition that demonstrates a world in balance that we aIl wish for.

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Editions Arts d'Australie • Stéphane Jacob, Paris, 2016
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